Why should you choose South OC Bartenders?

“Where’s the bar?”
When you walk into a high-end restaurant or club, the first thing you look for is the bar.
These establishments want to keep you coming back all night, so they invest in the look and feel of their bars. They are usually well-lit and well-stocked, with carefully placed accessories to draw you in and keep you coming back.

“The life of the party!”
The bar is the life of the party. The vibe at the bar sets the mood for the night, lends energy to a room and is the key to creating the right ambiance for a great party.
When a club has a visually-interesting bar, its patrons will feel in the mood to stay, drink and party.

“Introducing: The Evansbar”
Las Vegas—the biggest party town around—has inspired me to capture this effect in the Evansbar.
It’s an elegant, marble-topped, illuminated bar that gives your party the same lively ambiance any night club, trendy bar or restaurant.
My clients’ guests tend to hang out and party longer because they love the classy, fun look of the Evansbar.
If you are looking for a bartender that will bring the party vibe, professional service and club-like atmosphere to your next party or special event, South O.C. Bartenders has it!

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